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TooT For Tootie

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TooT·ing [TooTing]
The kind act or practice of posting a picture and/or words of encouragment to Tootie as she battles osteosarcoma

Please leave a few words of encouragement for Tootie and her family. Pictures aren't required but are very welcomed.

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TooT for Tootie

Across the country, people are sending their love and support by sending in pictures of them holding up homemade signs for Tootie. This "TooTing" is symbolic of our fight and a huge encouragement for their family.
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Adrianna Ponce Medical Fund
PO Box 931
Mandeville, LA 70470
Email: contact-me [at] fightfortootie [dot] com


We are a group of volunteers joined in the fight against Osteosarcoma for Adrianna "Tootie" Ponce. We believe cancer is just a word, not a sentence.

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